Smile of Angkor boutique Spa is a unique and elegant hotel which is the chain hotel of  “Smile of Angkor” Show Park .Hotel was opened on August 2017 and the location is  convenient along the No. 6 road near Psa Ler market, only 8 minutes to pub street and 8km to airport. If you stayed hotel over three nights, you will enjoy free shuttle service to airport.

The guestrooms are comfortable and spacious, each room is over 35 m2 and all facilities is 5 star hotel standard. We invite Mr. Morrison , one of the most famous Cambodia designers in Siem Reap to design. Smile of Angkor Hotel only has 11 rooms, but every room was conceived by Mr. Morrison heart. The rooms style is khmer style combine with modern simplicity. It is the best choice to the fashion person and lovers.

 Hotel Spa is very famous in Siem Reap,and is the top three spa in Trip advisor. The in room guests can enjoy our spa and sauna to refresh yourself after a long and tired tour in Angkor Wat with free of charge. We use special and traditional Khmer formulation oil to repair your damaged skin by strong ultraviolet ray. 

 In the evening, in room guests also have opportunity to watch the most famous show “Smile of Angkor” and experience the true charming of Angkor culture.

 Smile of Angkor boutique spa makes your Angkor trip full of color and expectation

Special Benefit Package

  • Book 1 night:


    -Offer one free Smile of Angkor show ticket of seat B without Buffet/ per room;

    -Offer free pickup service.

  • Book 2 nights up,


    -Free pickup and drop off;
    -1 hour free massage or oil massage/room;
    -1 free Grand Smile of Angkor Show Seat B without Buffet for each room;
    -In room guests enjoy free steam, sauna , hot and cold Jacuzzi;
    -In room guests enjoy Spa 30% discount for the second guest;
    -In room guests enjoy show/buffet 25% discount forthe  second guest.

      Show website to get more information:

      www.smileofangkor.info for English 

      www.smileofangkor.net/ for Chinese

Room & Suites

All of our rooms are modern combined with khmer style. Booking now get up 45% discount more. 

Massage & Spa

Smiling is the symbol of Angkor, even you feel so tired after traveing in Angkor, smile shall be on your face. Smile of Angkor Spa bring you happy forever.

Smile of angkor boutique & spa video

Smile of angkor video